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Taxation and Compliance Services

Organizations struggle to do more with less, while driving value out of their tax and finance functions since compliance for statutory accounting and tax reporting is becoming increasingly complex. It presents additional challenges when dealing with complex rules, disparate technologies, and manual processes during the compliance cycle. This results in a greater risk of compliance failures and minimal time for strategic forecasting or planning.

Many organizations are reconsidering their approach to compliance and reporting by taking a closer look at their technology, processes, resources, and service providers to better align tax function investments and use of talent with organizational goals.

At PARK BUSINESS SERVICES , we provide scalable multi-tax compliance services for our clients to;

  • coordinate direct and indirect taxes, tax accounting, preparation of statutory financial statements and reporting, with diverse accounting practices, legislative environments and business customs, seamlessly and
  • integrate, global approach to the variety of local compliance services
  • offer, provide experienced resources to help with the compliance needs today, support in future audits, and practical knowledge of current and emerging regulatory requirements
  • collaborate with you, including effective exchange of data sources, transparent review of deliverables, and
    real-time access to status, workflow, deliverables, and critical information
  • deliver centralized coordination and communication
  • customize and adapt our delivery model to align with your broader business goals.

PARK BUSINESS SERVICES takes care of all compliance requirements on behalf of its clients, including;

  • Tax collection/deduction at source
  • Corporate income tax return filing
  • Company law and secretarial services
  • Service tax filing and advisory services
  • Due diligence audits